Vampire Academy Reviews-Upcoming Movie by Mark waters

Director: Mark Waters

Writer: Richelle Mead (novel), Daniel Waters (screenplay)

Stars: Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky Genre: action, comedy, fantasy

Date of Release: 23 April, 2014

Vampire academy is a feature film based on a series of bestselling novels. This novel comprised of 6 books was finally decided in 2013 to be shaped into a film as well and so the work on this idea started. Vampire academy addresses the most ignored part of upbringing of vampires. Story basically depicts the life of Rose who happens to be a dhampir.

Now if you are wondering what a dhampir is then it is a person who is half vampire and half human. She is sent to st. Vladimir’s academy to get the training. The sole purpose of her training is to become a guardian and protect the vampire culture as it is getting extinct.

While at their training they are taught about two kinds of vampires one are Moroi who survive around humans and do not kill people or drink their blood and only drink the donated blood. While on the other hand there are strigoi who are the outlaws and they kill people as well as drink their blood. Rose is being trained to guard other vampires from any strigoi. Just when her training is completed she gets to know that some strigoi want to take lisa a moroi and use her for their own purpose.

Vampire Academy

Rose cannot afford this as lisa is like her sister and they have a strong bond developed between them. This is when rose decides to step up and she becomes the guardian of her best friend. Now it is upto her training and will power that how much she could resist the odds against her. 2014 movies


Visitors Reviews| The movie in Theaters

The director of visitors has done it again and took the filming to next level in creating a wordless documentary of modern life. Reggio is famous for making such films and experimenting with the viewers every now and then. This artistic yet silent portrayal of technology and mankind controlling that technology is epic and will keep many interested in the movie without a word uttered throughout the feature.

According to the presenter it will be presented in projections comprising of 4000 pixels as compared to 1000 pixels in HD. The film is based on various shots of people from different ages doing something technology related and especially their faces are focused. On one hand the close-ups of youthful faces will depict the passion in their eyes that are so much involved in watching something on tv or playing a gaming console. While on the other hand the close-ups of the old folks depicts the displeasure in their eyes as they are not that much involved in technology.

The film also includes some shots of the moon that were timely taken and time lapsed into a set of amazing shots. Surprisingly this film involves a lot of editing in almost every frame. From blurring out the screens to burring out the background editing has been massively used. This has made most of the film to be unidentifiable apart from the faces that are focused. The film is presented in two colors that is black and white which according to Reggio is the perfect way to portray the stupor like relationship between man and the technology.

The visitors is an unusual film as one may say among the new releases movies and still nobody can anticipate the viewer comments on this feature however as interesting as the idea may sound this has alarmed a lot directors as it may evolve into a totally new era of still motion filming.



Director: Godfrey Reggio

Writer: Godfrey Reggio

Stars: Jeff Pope, Rob Tunstall

Genre: Documentary

Rating: 6.7/10

Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr Banks is a feature film about a fictional character in a narrative novel by P.L Travers. Walt Disney made a promise with his daughters that he will make a film on their favorite book which was Mary Poppins; but he didn’t know that he will have to keep this promise for a very long time.

This was all because of the rigid and adamant writer P.L Travers who was not ready to give the rights of book to Walt Disney so that he may make a film on it. Walt did everything he could to convince her but all in vain meanwhile the book sales dropped and so did the savings of P.L Travers who was then forced to contact Walt Disney.

She had to travel to Los Angeles in order to start working with Walt and his creative team. Despite of both Walt and his team being competitive, Travers was not happy with the decision so far and she seemed reluctant to give away the rights as the book was very dear to her.

This is when Walt decided to reveal the story of his childhood to Travers which helped a lot in convincing her and they finally made Mary Poppins a successful movie.

Rating of Movie Releases: 6.5/10

Genre : Drama



Up Coming Movies

There is a whole lot of movies that are due to be released in summer 2014 or even in the end of summer 2014 i.e. late 2014. This huge list includes many sequels as well in which fast 7 and transformers 4 are at the top of the list for being most anticipated. Transformers 4 has been finalized to have the title “age of extinction” which might point to the fact that it may be a plot from the age of extinction of dinosaurs or it may be set in the later time when the mankind will be at the verge of extinction itself.

Nobody knows much about the 4th franchise yet as the details are not disclosed as such. Even the fans know a little about it given the nature of directors who directed the last three as they keep on surprising the fans. Second film worth mentioning in the coming soon movies list is the teenage mutant ninja turtles. The director of the feature as well as the artist who drew TMNT say that the movie will stick to the true spirit of TMNT and will use advanced face recognition software to make the characters more reality like. This film is going to be based on the life of sewerage dwelling turtles that devoted their lives to fight crime for a small yet significant portion of them being on air in late 90’s.

Next movie is clown. This feature film is from the horror thriller genre and has been getting a lot of attention since the release of its chilly trailer. The storyline basically revolves around a hideous outfit of a clown. A father of a child wears the mask on his son’s birthday to make his day memorable but it turns out that the outfit has a sinister mind of its own and becomes a permanent part of that man’s personality. It doesn’t come off and makes the man make evil decisions for himself as well as his family.

 From the variety of plots that these new movies offer, it is quite evident that these new movies coming soon will provide more than just entertainment.