10 Rules for Sleeping Around: A 94 min Comedy/Roman Movie in English Language
Release Date: April 4, 2014
10 Rules for Sleeping Around first released in 2013 and now set to release on April 4, 2014 again. This is comedy and sex movie filled with very funny guys and girls around in it, who have tried their best to make people laugh. The movie has been under-rated sex comedy according to some and some are of view that it’s one of the worst sex movies ever made. 10 Rules for Sleeping Around is a hot comedy for some. But if you are more analyzing about the movies, you will not enjoy it a lot.

Cast & Crew

Wendi McLendon Covey stars as Emma Cooney, Simone Griffeth as Barbara, Tammin Sursok as Kate Oliver, Virfinia Williams as Cameron Johnson, Bryan Challen as Owen Manners, Chris Marquette as Ben, Memi West as a Party Goer, Robert Crayton as a security guard, Bonnie Johnson as Fern, Juan Pablo Veza as Edward, Emily Pierce as a dancing girl, Madison Moss as Madison Weidburg as woman in stall, Eli Walker as a dancer, Meredith Jackson as party goer, Cabrenna H Burks as party girl, Toochukwu TC Anychonkeya as Party Staff Worker, David Lowe as party security guard, Shaun O’Rourke as Heckler, Christopher Cozort and Fabian Starr as party goers, Mills Allison as Duncan, Amanda Garsys as Alli, Rita Conte as party goer, Andrew Fortinberry as Butler, Samantha Mills as a party goer, Russ Willey as Lawn worker, Corey Saunders as Matt Blake, Christy Prais as Lisa, Ali Abouomar as Jason, Jason Vieira as a security guard, Desirae Walker as a party goer, Lorinda Couch as party goer, Mathew Schultz as Michael, Brittney Q. Hill as a model, Jack Stecher as Office Manager, Zakiya Alta Lee as Tanisha, Jeff Warren as Bar Patron, Shana Greenbaum as a model, Chad Squires as Frat Boy, Todd Davis and Dale Girad as security guards, Rocky Hollifield as party goer, Kimberly Dunevant as club waiatress, Lluvia Bermudez as a housekeeper, David Abernathy as a worker, April Eliza as a party goer, Tierney Malloy as Flirty party goer, Laurie Diaz as a caterer, Zachary Bryant as groomsmen, Tim Hollifield Jr. as party goer, Amy Seagle as Bar Patron, Mehmat Korhan as Cabana Boy, Elizabeth Ashley Lawson as exotic dancer, Tessa Taylor Herrick as concerned party goer, BrettyLynn Alison as woman on beach, Brentt. D. Alton as a security guard, Rhonda Lynn Jones as dancer, Cody Swindle as a pimp, Winona Wentworth as an office worker, Treacey Searcy as a party goer, Rami Dilagani as a DJ, Alexandiria Tisdale and Ebony Wilson as party goers, Joey O’Connor as a bar patron.

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