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300 the movie was first released almost 10 years ago. The extent of the time that has lapsed until now can be measured by the fact that iPhone was not launched yet when 300 hit the theatrical cinemas. Even at that time 300 was a massive success as viewers from all over the world not only did enjoy it but also gave a very welcoming feedback to the team behind its making. Since then work has been done on the sequel which is primarily based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Frank started this new chapter in his graphic novel and very attention was given to the details. Graphic novel was well appreciated by the people who follow comics and hence it was decided that the sequel will be based on this story line.

The story starts from where the last 300 left. The battle ground has now become the slaughter field for the 300 who set out to defeat the immortal Xerxes all by themselves. They fought well and were a big pain for Xerxes as they were the only one to stop Xerxes from entering Greece and taking it over. But they were not well resourced and backed up by fresh army and at the end of the day they lost their lives to the brutal immortal and his huge army. When the news of death of 300 hit the rest of the Greece a wave of unrest and unease is spread throughout the people and different tribes start to question their own integrity if Xerxes does the same with them. Having a common threat facing towards them, the leaders of all Tribes of Greece gather together and they brain storm about possible options for their survival.

As a result an army is assembled from all over the vast Greece and it included willful people from everywhere. This army is led by Themistocles who belongs from the same tribe which was home for original 300. Themistocles filled with anger and determined to save his mother land Greece from the tyrant immortal Xerxes now sets his direction against the oncoming army. One of the new threats to this army is the Persian Navy which is now here and it would not back down at any cost. Navy is led by the beautiful yet cruel Artemisia. Artemisia is the leader of Persian Navy and she is here to kill or to get killed herself. She hasn’t backed down and will not. Who will succeed, time can solve this tale maybe.



Director: Noam Murro

Stars: Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro, Sullivan Stapleton.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Date of Release: March 5, 2014( Movies in Theaters Now)
Rating:7.2 /10


Visitors Reviews| The movie in Theaters

The director of visitors has done it again and took the filming to next level in creating a wordless documentary of modern life. Reggio is famous for making such films and experimenting with the viewers every now and then. This artistic yet silent portrayal of technology and mankind controlling that technology is epic and will keep many interested in the movie without a word uttered throughout the feature.

According to the presenter it will be presented in projections comprising of 4000 pixels as compared to 1000 pixels in HD. The film is based on various shots of people from different ages doing something technology related and especially their faces are focused. On one hand the close-ups of youthful faces will depict the passion in their eyes that are so much involved in watching something on tv or playing a gaming console. While on the other hand the close-ups of the old folks depicts the displeasure in their eyes as they are not that much involved in technology.

The film also includes some shots of the moon that were timely taken and time lapsed into a set of amazing shots. Surprisingly this film involves a lot of editing in almost every frame. From blurring out the screens to burring out the background editing has been massively used. This has made most of the film to be unidentifiable apart from the faces that are focused. The film is presented in two colors that is black and white which according to Reggio is the perfect way to portray the stupor like relationship between man and the technology.

The visitors is an unusual film as one may say among the new releases movies and still nobody can anticipate the viewer comments on this feature however as interesting as the idea may sound this has alarmed a lot directors as it may evolve into a totally new era of still motion filming.



Director: Godfrey Reggio

Writer: Godfrey Reggio

Stars: Jeff Pope, Rob Tunstall

Genre: Documentary

Rating: 6.7/10