The Monuments Men Movie by George Clooney

“The Monuments men” is plotted in the 1943. The year of World War 2 and the year that saw most of the deaths of this globe. This was the time when allies were pushing back German troops from the areas that they had captured after invading. Meanwhile Frank Stokes arranged a highly important meeting with the President of U.S and he convinced him that although the war may be won but it would be of no use if important western cultural artifacts will be lost in the process. He stressed that it will be like losing history of those important pieces were not saved. So in the command of Stokes, US army builds up a new squad comprising of seven historians, museum directors and curators. They call this team as monuments men. They were sent to the front lines in order to protect the artifacts. Their duty partially included recovering the artifacts in order to return them to their original owners. But when they come into the war stricken Europe they get very much frustrated by the fact that Nazi officers had made the museum curators ignore the fact if any theft was made and they never allowed them to charge anybody of theft. As most of these artifacts were for Hitler’s own collection and in some cases they were bestowed to his best officers. The monuments men had to face a lot of difficulties from their forces as well. Whenever they tried to convince the raiding regiment to change their course of attack and hence avoid the unnecessary damage to the artifacts that might come in way they almost always refused to do so.

Germans are planning to destroy these relics from history as much as 1000 years old meanwhile the monuments men do not agree with them and they must save the artifacts at all costs. The clock is ticking and the situation is getting worse. Will the monuments men be able to stand their ground?

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3 comments on “The Monuments Men Movie by George Clooney

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  2. The Germans were going to put the art in a museum actually. If they’d wanted to destroy it, why did they have hidden it in a secure salt mine. Maybe the primitive Soviets would have destroyed them though…..

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