Gloria Reviews

Gloria Reviews by jensikate
Gloria Reviews, a photo by jensikate on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Gloria is the well directed biography of a woman who is of some age now but she still single. At the end of each day like every other human being she needs something to look forward to and someone to go to who will enchant her qualities and would embrace her for the women she is. For this to happen she often visits dance parties and especially dance club parties for adult singles and would often get lucky as well in finding the partner for night but to her dismay nothing would last long at the end of each relationship she would be facing defiance and loneliness. But keeping her spirits high she keeps on attending such parties in a need to get appraised for the women she is until one night finally she gets to meet an ex naval officer. To her surprise, he is seven years older than her which is an odd thing as she always got dates that were almost younger than her. But for this time she thinks there is a spark within them which can hit off and ignite the fire that relationships require frequently. So does the behavior of Rodolfo explains that he want something to happen between them that might be permanent and long lasting. But as the story starts resolving another chapter unfolds which unwinds the dark secrets that Gloria has and she gets to know that she can shine brighter than ever once she gets to face those secrets.
this is one in the list of Good movies to watch.


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