Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr Banks is a feature film about a fictional character in a narrative novel by P.L Travers. Walt Disney made a promise with his daughters that he will make a film on their favorite book which was Mary Poppins; but he didn’t know that he will have to keep this promise for a very long time.

This was all because of the rigid and adamant writer P.L Travers who was not ready to give the rights of book to Walt Disney so that he may make a film on it. Walt did everything he could to convince her but all in vain meanwhile the book sales dropped and so did the savings of P.L Travers who was then forced to contact Walt Disney.

She had to travel to Los Angeles in order to start working with Walt and his creative team. Despite of both Walt and his team being competitive, Travers was not happy with the decision so far and she seemed reluctant to give away the rights as the book was very dear to her.

This is when Walt decided to reveal the story of his childhood to Travers which helped a lot in convincing her and they finally made Mary Poppins a successful movie.

Rating of Movie Releases: 6.5/10

Genre : Drama




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