Up Coming Movies

There is a whole lot of movies that are due to be released in summer 2014 or even in the end of summer 2014 i.e. late 2014. This huge list includes many sequels as well in which fast 7 and transformers 4 are at the top of the list for being most anticipated. Transformers 4 has been finalized to have the title “age of extinction” which might point to the fact that it may be a plot from the age of extinction of dinosaurs or it may be set in the later time when the mankind will be at the verge of extinction itself.

Nobody knows much about the 4th franchise yet as the details are not disclosed as such. Even the fans know a little about it given the nature of directors who directed the last three as they keep on surprising the fans. Second film worth mentioning in the coming soon movies list is the teenage mutant ninja turtles. The director of the feature as well as the artist who drew TMNT say that the movie will stick to the true spirit of TMNT and will use advanced face recognition software to make the characters more reality like. This film is going to be based on the life of sewerage dwelling turtles that devoted their lives to fight crime for a small yet significant portion of them being on air in late 90’s.

Next movie is clown. This feature film is from the horror thriller genre and has been getting a lot of attention since the release of its chilly trailer. The storyline basically revolves around a hideous outfit of a clown. A father of a child wears the mask on his son’s birthday to make his day memorable but it turns out that the outfit has a sinister mind of its own and becomes a permanent part of that man’s personality. It doesn’t come off and makes the man make evil decisions for himself as well as his family.

 From the variety of plots that these new movies offer, it is quite evident that these new movies coming soon will provide more than just entertainment.



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