10 Rules for Sleeping Around: A 94 min Comedy/Roman Movie in English Language
Release Date: April 4, 2014
10 Rules for Sleeping Around first released in 2013 and now set to release on April 4, 2014 again. This is comedy and sex movie filled with very funny guys and girls around in it, who have tried their best to make people laugh. The movie has been under-rated sex comedy according to some and some are of view that it’s one of the worst sex movies ever made. 10 Rules for Sleeping Around is a hot comedy for some. But if you are more analyzing about the movies, you will not enjoy it a lot.

Cast & Crew

Wendi McLendon Covey stars as Emma Cooney, Simone Griffeth as Barbara, Tammin Sursok as Kate Oliver, Virfinia Williams as Cameron Johnson, Bryan Challen as Owen Manners, Chris Marquette as Ben, Memi West as a Party Goer, Robert Crayton as a security guard, Bonnie Johnson as Fern, Juan Pablo Veza as Edward, Emily Pierce as a dancing girl, Madison Moss as Madison Weidburg as woman in stall, Eli Walker as a dancer, Meredith Jackson as party goer, Cabrenna H Burks as party girl, Toochukwu TC Anychonkeya as Party Staff Worker, David Lowe as party security guard, Shaun O’Rourke as Heckler, Christopher Cozort and Fabian Starr as party goers, Mills Allison as Duncan, Amanda Garsys as Alli, Rita Conte as party goer, Andrew Fortinberry as Butler, Samantha Mills as a party goer, Russ Willey as Lawn worker, Corey Saunders as Matt Blake, Christy Prais as Lisa, Ali Abouomar as Jason, Jason Vieira as a security guard, Desirae Walker as a party goer, Lorinda Couch as party goer, Mathew Schultz as Michael, Brittney Q. Hill as a model, Jack Stecher as Office Manager, Zakiya Alta Lee as Tanisha, Jeff Warren as Bar Patron, Shana Greenbaum as a model, Chad Squires as Frat Boy, Todd Davis and Dale Girad as security guards, Rocky Hollifield as party goer, Kimberly Dunevant as club waiatress, Lluvia Bermudez as a housekeeper, David Abernathy as a worker, April Eliza as a party goer, Tierney Malloy as Flirty party goer, Laurie Diaz as a caterer, Zachary Bryant as groomsmen, Tim Hollifield Jr. as party goer, Amy Seagle as Bar Patron, Mehmat Korhan as Cabana Boy, Elizabeth Ashley Lawson as exotic dancer, Tessa Taylor Herrick as concerned party goer, BrettyLynn Alison as woman on beach, Brentt. D. Alton as a security guard, Rhonda Lynn Jones as dancer, Cody Swindle as a pimp, Winona Wentworth as an office worker, Treacey Searcy as a party goer, Rami Dilagani as a DJ, Alexandiria Tisdale and Ebony Wilson as party goers, Joey O’Connor as a bar patron.

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U want me 2 kill him

U want me to kill him by jensikate
U want me to kill him, a photo by jensikate on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
In ‘U Want Me 2 Kill Him?‘ a British young guy of 16, named Mark hangs out with a local girl named Rachel on the internet in online chat-room. Chatting triggered a strong relationship between them, making Mark fall in love with the girl. The boy is committed to do anything for her, even making a good relation with her nerd brother, John. But Rachel continues to talk like they are not going to have a real-life relationship because of her stupidly mad and highly-abusive boyfriend Kevin.
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300: Rise of an Empire – Movies in Theaters


300 the movie was first released almost 10 years ago. The extent of the time that has lapsed until now can be measured by the fact that iPhone was not launched yet when 300 hit the theatrical cinemas. Even at that time 300 was a massive success as viewers from all over the world not only did enjoy it but also gave a very welcoming feedback to the team behind its making. Since then work has been done on the sequel which is primarily based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Frank started this new chapter in his graphic novel and very attention was given to the details. Graphic novel was well appreciated by the people who follow comics and hence it was decided that the sequel will be based on this story line.

The story starts from where the last 300 left. The battle ground has now become the slaughter field for the 300 who set out to defeat the immortal Xerxes all by themselves. They fought well and were a big pain for Xerxes as they were the only one to stop Xerxes from entering Greece and taking it over. But they were not well resourced and backed up by fresh army and at the end of the day they lost their lives to the brutal immortal and his huge army. When the news of death of 300 hit the rest of the Greece a wave of unrest and unease is spread throughout the people and different tribes start to question their own integrity if Xerxes does the same with them. Having a common threat facing towards them, the leaders of all Tribes of Greece gather together and they brain storm about possible options for their survival.

As a result an army is assembled from all over the vast Greece and it included willful people from everywhere. This army is led by Themistocles who belongs from the same tribe which was home for original 300. Themistocles filled with anger and determined to save his mother land Greece from the tyrant immortal Xerxes now sets his direction against the oncoming army. One of the new threats to this army is the Persian Navy which is now here and it would not back down at any cost. Navy is led by the beautiful yet cruel Artemisia. Artemisia is the leader of Persian Navy and she is here to kill or to get killed herself. She hasn’t backed down and will not. Who will succeed, time can solve this tale maybe.



Director: Noam Murro

Stars: Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro, Sullivan Stapleton.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Date of Release: March 5, 2014( Movies in Theaters Now)
Rating:7.2 /10


Pompeii (1) Movie trailer

Pompeii is an action based adventure containing drama feature which was released in the theaters globally in last month. This movie is still pending to be featured in European theaters. The director has already announced the proposed date of it. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, this movie is basically based in the first century A.D when Rome was in its infancy. http://bit.ly/1fJwvXd

The Monuments Men Movie by George Clooney

“The Monuments men” is plotted in the 1943. The year of World War 2 and the year that saw most of the deaths of this globe. This was the time when allies were pushing back German troops from the areas that they had captured after invading. Meanwhile Frank Stokes arranged a highly important meeting with the President of U.S and he convinced him that although the war may be won but it would be of no use if important western cultural artifacts will be lost in the process. He stressed that it will be like losing history of those important pieces were not saved. So in the command of Stokes, US army builds up a new squad comprising of seven historians, museum directors and curators. They call this team as monuments men. They were sent to the front lines in order to protect the artifacts. Their duty partially included recovering the artifacts in order to return them to their original owners. But when they come into the war stricken Europe they get very much frustrated by the fact that Nazi officers had made the museum curators ignore the fact if any theft was made and they never allowed them to charge anybody of theft. As most of these artifacts were for Hitler’s own collection and in some cases they were bestowed to his best officers. The monuments men had to face a lot of difficulties from their forces as well. Whenever they tried to convince the raiding regiment to change their course of attack and hence avoid the unnecessary damage to the artifacts that might come in way they almost always refused to do so.

Germans are planning to destroy these relics from history as much as 1000 years old meanwhile the monuments men do not agree with them and they must save the artifacts at all costs. The clock is ticking and the situation is getting worse. Will the monuments men be able to stand their ground?

The Monument men Movie Reviews by Movies beep.

Gloria Reviews

Gloria Reviews by jensikate
Gloria Reviews, a photo by jensikate on Flickr.

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Gloria is the well directed biography of a woman who is of some age now but she still single. At the end of each day like every other human being she needs something to look forward to and someone to go to who will enchant her qualities and would embrace her for the women she is. For this to happen she often visits dance parties and especially dance club parties for adult singles and would often get lucky as well in finding the partner for night but to her dismay nothing would last long at the end of each relationship she would be facing defiance and loneliness. But keeping her spirits high she keeps on attending such parties in a need to get appraised for the women she is until one night finally she gets to meet an ex naval officer. To her surprise, he is seven years older than her which is an odd thing as she always got dates that were almost younger than her. But for this time she thinks there is a spark within them which can hit off and ignite the fire that relationships require frequently. So does the behavior of Rodolfo explains that he want something to happen between them that might be permanent and long lasting. But as the story starts resolving another chapter unfolds which unwinds the dark secrets that Gloria has and she gets to know that she can shine brighter than ever once she gets to face those secrets.
this is one in the list of Good movies to watch.

The LEGO Movie BY Dan Hageman (story), Kevin Hageman


Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

Writer: Dan Hageman (story), Kevin Hageman (story)

Stars: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett

Genre: Animation, action, comedy

Date of Release: 14 february, 2014

LEGO is a word that most of the children around the world get familiar to. It can be mainly because of the LEGO building blocks that basically started off LEGO.

Since its beginning LEGO has become a diverse franchise and LEGO is one of the largest toy manufacturing companies of the world. Their recent boom in the market encouraged them to make a movie based on their LEGO building blocks. So the story of LEGO the movie is set in the peaceful LEGO town where daily routine includes a lot of building and dismantling.

As a part of LEGO world this is quite common because creation and innovation is the key motivation of LEGO city. Emmet is the main character who is a ordinary LEGO man. He has his ordinary job accompanied by a very ordinary routine. He is good at what a LEGO figure should be doing in his place. But due to some accident people around the LEGO city start to think that he is the master creator and he knows all the manuals by heart so it would not be a problem for him to save the city they assume. Now the question is from whom he is supposed to save the city.

The LEGO Movie The LEGO -Upcoming Movie

An evil lord has discovered the LEGO city and he is more than willing to glue together all the LEGO blocks. Emmet has to gather the perfect team and has to master enough powers before he can face the evil lord before the black Thursday.

The LEGO movie is right now the most anticipated animated feature film of this year so far. Critics although are questioning its viewership to be not broad enough but the LEGO short series on YouTube were a massive hit which can be an indication that LEGO feature film will be a huge success among the new release movies.